Garlic-Herb Mushroom Pasta

Ingredients: Mushrooms, penne pasta, arugula, lemon, onions, garlic, butter, savory, thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon, lavender.

This meal kit contains

  • sliced mushrooms
  • arugula
  • minced garlic & onions
  • penne pasta
  • butter
  • dried herbs
  • lemon

You will also need

  • any kind of cooking oil (for example, olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil)
  • salt and pepper
  1. Bring a medium-sized pot of water to boil for the penne. Once the water is boiling, add a pinch of salt and the penne to the pot. Let the pasta boil until it is tender, about 11-12 minutes. Drain the pasta and set it aside.
  2. While the pasta is cooking, heat a generous splash (two or three spoonfuls) of cooking oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and onions and cook until fragrant, about 1-2 minutes.
  3. Add the sliced mushrooms, dried herbs, and a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Cook, stirring frequently, until the mushrooms have softened and are tender, about 5-6 minutes. If the pasta is not done cooking, keep the mushrooms on low heat and keep stirring.
  4. Once the pasta is done, drain it and add it to the pan with the mushrooms along with the arugula. Turn the heat up to medium-high, add the butter, the juice of the lemon, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook for another 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently. The butter should melt and the arugula should wilt (shrinks in size, loses its shape, and turns a vibrant green).
  5. Portion into bowls and enjoy!

Tips & Tricks

Want to add some meat to this dish? In Step 2, instead of adding cooking oil to the pan, cook 1-2 slices of bacon per person in the pan over medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side. Remove the bacon and use the bacon fat to cook the vegetables - then, chop up the cooked bacon and mix it into your pasta after step 4!